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A Peaceful Christmas


A happy & prosperous, New Year to you

May we all be seven times better off at this time next year !



It's Christmas and I just wanted to say "Thank U" & that....

It's been a pleasure working with you this past year...

Hope you & your family have a wonderful Holiday &...

A Happy New Year !



Oh, God.....

Help us rightly to rememberthe birth of Jesus that we may share in the songs of the angels

the gladness of the shepherds, and the worship of the wise men

& may Christmas morning make us happy to be your children.

We pray that God presence is especially near dear to u this Christmas.



If one night a big fat man jumps in at your window grabs you

puts you in a sack don't worry ...

I told Santa I wanted u for CHRISTMAS



Lets welcome the year which is fresh & new

Lets cherish each moment it beholds

Lets celebrate this blissful New year. Merry X-mas



I hope that ur Christmas would be enjoyable & may the essence of Christmas remains always with u. Take care.



May the miracle of Christmas fill your heart with warmth & love.

Christmas is the time of giving & sharing.

It is the time of loving & forgiving.

Merry Christmas to Everyone!



The snow gently falls,

touches the heart,

white as a dove,

Merry christmas wid love.



Each Christmas finds me longing

For Christmases now past

& I am back in childhood

As long as memories last.



I have a list of folks I know, all written in a book & every year when Christmas comes


I go and take a look & that is when I realize that these names are a part

Not of the book they are written in, but really of my heart.



Somehow, not only 4 Christmas

But all the long year through

The joy that you give to others

Is the joy that comes back to u.



Let the spirit of love

gently fill our hearts & homes.

In this loveliest of seasons

may u find many reasons 4 happiness.



To a joyful present

and a well remembered past

Best wishes for Happy Holidays

& a magnificent New Year.



May the Christmas season, fill ur home with joy

your heart with love & your life with laughter.



May your Christmas sparkle with moments of love, laughter & goodwill

& may the year ahead be full of contentment & joy.

Have a Merry Christmas.


It's Baby's first Christmas, what a beautiful sight!

As he gurgles out loud in spontaneous delight.

As he gazes at the Tree, with it's baubles & trim

I know only He can hear the Angels sweet hymns.



A New year

A New Start

A New Chapter

A New Beginning

forget the bad

Cherish the GOOD

I sincerely wish you a very blessed new year ahead. happy new year.





May the joy and peace of Christmas

be with you all through the Year.

Wishing you a season of blessings

from heaven above. Happy Christmas


A silent night, a star above,

a blessed gift of hope and love,

A blessed Christmas to you, Happy Holidays.

May the good times and treasures

of the present become the golden

memories of tomorrow. Wish you

lots of love, joy and happiness.


I have given your address to three people.

They may be visiting at your place tonight.

They are Love, Wealth and Happiness. Merry Xmas.

Occasions lyk dis calls for a roll call of all lved ones,

u hvn't been 4gotn. God bless u & keep u.

Merry x'mas and a hapi new yr. Celebrate wif care. Luv u

Merry xmas and happy new year to

you my one and only, I wish you

know how you make me feel,

I love you so much more than

you can imagine, I pray the next

Xmas i should be in your arms

| w|sH u A hApPy XmAs......

aNd mAy uR XMaS b fUl oF

hApP|nEsS, jOy, pEaCe...

aNd mAy u CoNt|nUe 2 C mOrE xMaS

As xmas is been celebrated

in the whole world so shall

you be celebrate and honored

in this season and years to come.

MAY your world be filled with warmth

and good cheer THIS HOLLY SEASON

and through out NEW YEAR.



The journey of life is with many twists and turns.

But with faith and courage, no obstacle can stop

you from reaching your goals. Keep faith, peace

and kindness in your heart, and you shall always

shine. Merry Christmas.

May You feel God's presence in the candles,

that softly spread their glow at Christmas and

may you experience the wonder of His abiding

love, as He guides you, through each day of the

coming year. May God's Blessings be with you At Christmas


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